These are very specific environments. There are three types of safe equipment for this environment. Intrinsically safe scales use voltages so low that they can not cause an explosion. Intrinsically safe scales can be battery powered or special hardwired AC models. Explosion proof scales are enclosed in a special box so that if they internally build up to a point of explosion, the explosion will not spread to the outer environment. Purged systems use a constant air supply to exhaust gases, dusts and vapors from inside the scale, thereby no build up to explosion inside the scale can occur.

Our sales staff will guide you through the classes and divisions in your areas. We can suggest any option depending on the needs of the application. We also offer balances in many capacities and readabilities for this same critical environment.

The most important thing to remember in selection is knowing your environment and the hazards contained within.

Call our sales dept today to discuss your needs or to answer any questions you may have.

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