We have an extensive line of meters. The most basic will connect to a floor or bench platform to display a simple weight reading.

Another type of metering allows use in an explosive environment. These are special scale meters, which will have to be verified with a sales person. Call for help with any explosive environment questions.

Many meters offer battery power for portability. We can also provide a wide variety of control by weight meters to batch ingredients or start the flow of material into a hopper or onto a scale. Options could include relay module for multiple ingredient flow, multiple speed flow, flow by time, flow by rate, or flow by %. A more advanced model can connect to your Allen Bradleytm PLC via the manufacturer's Enabledtm connection.

Still more advanced models can control the entire process of a production line, or fill and mix a tank full, or even dump a concrete batch into a truck!. Most control aspects go beyond simple weight display. If you any help beyond the basics, please call our sales dept. for assistance in options and design consulting.

Providing complete process control solutions for flow control, blending, batching, filling, real-time data analysis, serial networks, and custom interfacing, Rice Lake Weighing, Systems batch and process controllers offer virtually unlimited hardware and software configuration capabilities.

Call our sales dept today to discuss your needs or to answer any questions you may have.

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