New Bedford Scale serves a multitude of industries. Whether you are looking for a scale meant for manufacturing or a scale that is up to chemical standards, we offer scales and services that meet and exceed your high expectations for quality. We also offer scales meant for scientific means with capabilities reaching the standards of the biotech, bio-pharma, pharmaceutical industries. No matter the industry, New Bedford Scale has the ability to meet your business’ needs.

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Reliability of equipment is critical in the biotech industry. All readings must be accurate, therefore, safe. Explosive-safe scales assure that the work environment is safe and not volatile. There is an imperative need for a variety of scales in the biotech industry and New Bedford Scale can supply them.

Bio Pharma

There is a wide variety of functions for scales in the biopharma industry. Various capacities and utilizations make accurate and versatile scales necessary. With regulatory scrutiny and a need for accuracy bearing down on the industry, a quality scale is answer to many potential issues.


New Bedford Scale offers scales that are fit for the trials of the pharmaceutical industry. Our scales are developed by top manufacturers and are reliable and accurate. A pharmaceutical manufacturing scale helps monitor and control various aspects of operations in the industry including billing.


With the volatile nature of chemical management, scales must be able to withstand arduous conditions. Chemicals, typically stored as gases or liquids, require incredibly accurate scales. New Bedford Scales can help service and supply adequate scales for your chemical business.


Manufacturing scales are a key element in managing supply and billing in the industry. Accurate scales enforce a consistent product, save money, and normalize processes in the manufacturing process. By ensuring accurate measures, scales help build customer confidence, quality and consistency.